Zwing is a POS mobile app focused on increasing billing efficiency and speed that too on mobile, helping you save the costly real-estate, it is designed of businesses of all type and sizes, ranging from mom-and-pop stores to multi-floor apparel stores.

Unlike conventional POS, we charge you per active user per month, helping you quickly add more users as the selling season peeks, and yes you don’t need to pay for inactive users in dormant selling months.

  • Minimize Queues, waiting time
    Ensures quick billing at multiple places in a store which avoids long queues
  • All the features that you know of a POS, well as far as we know / almost
  • Minimum overhead cost
    No setup cost, No device cost, minimum compliance check
  • Operation efficiency
    Single app for all operations
  • Bill on Delivery
    Bill right where to sell, even if you are out in field
  • Secure Data
    SSL to maintaining various compliances of data safety and security.
is best Suitable for:
  • Large multi-brand store
  • Chain of own showrooms
  • Grocery Stores
  • QSR & Bar
  • Electronic Stores
  • Fashion Accessories
  • Super/hyper Marts
  • Food Court

SPAR is already doing it, see how they do it, know how they do it. across xx stores, across xx states/cities.

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